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    Jo Peterson: Shinbone Valley Soaps

    Jo Peterson grew up all over the country, as a child of a military family, but spent most of her adult life in Birmingham. After loving it there for 36 years, she loves her life even more on Lookout Mountain,…

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    Lydia Adele Randolph: A Local Treasure

    Lydia Adele Randolph's original art can be found exclusively at Boom Town Makers Market in downtown Fort Payne, Alabama. We also carry Lydia's prints and postcards that include smaller renderings of her large works.

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    Changing Moods: Sixty Years in Black and White

    Changing Moods: Sixty Years in Black and White, John Alexander Dersham’s second book, showcases powerful, haunting black-and-white art photography from six decades of work. Inspired by his teen experience with a simple Kodak box camera and the encouragement of mentors,…