• Artist

    Alexa Wynee

    Alexa Wynee

    Alexa’s passion is to create artwork based on cat creatures or just magical critters in general. Nature, her two cat’s, and the views she witnesses spark her imagination to continue crafting or painting. She watches for uniqueness; odd values in the world that many over look.  

  • Chris Littleford

    Chris Littleford

    Please welcome Chris Littleford to our circle of Makers at Boom Town Makers Market. Chris resides on the “other side of the state” and is an artisanal logger. He has strong ties to the DeKalb County area, splitting his time…

  • Eugenia Johnston

    Eugenia Johnston

    Eugenia is a one of Boom Town Makers Market’s most prolific painters and a client favorite. She is known at Boom Town for her renditions of well known landmarks and scenery, as well as those “discoverable” local scenes one passes…

  • Candace Bryan

    Candace Bryan

    Candace Bryan is a wife, mom, runner, and a naturally talented artist. Recently joining Boom Town Makers Market, she has become know for her small still life oils. 

  • Roxy Rabb

    Roxy Rabb

    Roxy Rabb loves fashion and everything about it. Her forte in that arena is as a jewelry designer, whose pallet includes working with beautiful gemstones, unique components and leather, and creating one-of-a-kind pieces of statement jewelry.  Each piece is unique in…

  • Michelle Anderson

    Michele Anderson

    Michele W. Anderson is an accomplished artist and a leader in the field of portraiture. Her love for people and her commitment to a high standard of art has led to hundreds of commissions across the United States. Michele attended…

  • Melinda Whitt

    Melinda Whitt

    Melinda Whitt is a local jewelry artist born and raised in Birmingham. Her work includes designs constructed from torchworked glass, fused glass, enamels, copper, and brass. She is the daughter of an engineer and a high school art teacher/watercolor artist,…

  • Linda Espy

    Linda Espy

    Linda Espy is a prolific multi media artists who loves to create. “I consider myself an eclectic artist, says Espy. Most of my work is in polymer clay, but I love to experiment with other media.” She is know at…

  • Lydia Randolph

    Lydia Adele Randolph

    I am a full-time artist living in a remote area of north Alabama. I am inspired by Gauguin’s violent use of color, Mary Cassatt’s delicate and precise renderings, and Eakins’ honesty. I paint things from my life, relics and ruins…

  • Art in the Alley

    Art in the Alley

    On the first Thursday of each month, downtown Fort Payne comes alive with art, music, food, and people as we showcase the lifestyle assets of our area, and build upon those things to create synergistic-connectivity. Why? The Answer: To develop…

  • Linda Munoz

    Mosaic Workshop

    In this 2 session class, participants will create a mosaic stepping stone for their garden this summer or great gift for the art lover! In the first class (Saturday), students will learn design techniques, glass cutting and gluing of glass…