About Us

BTMM store windowBoom Town Makers Market was founded in 2016 as a way to showcase talented Southern Makers in a curated environment. We feature hand-picked collections of beautifully crafted jewelry, home goods, gourmet food, pottery, hand blown glass, sculpture, furniture, clothing and more.

Located in Fort Payne, Alabama, Boom Town Makers Market is in the Sawyer Building (circa 1878), the oldest commercial structure in historic downtown. Boom Town Makers Market represents over 60 Makers.

Why the name Boom Town? In 1885 coal and iron ore was discovered, and the Fort Payne Coal and Iron Company was created. Wealthy investors and opportunists from the north descended upon the tiny north Alabama mountain town, to claim their stake, and the Boom began.

During the Boom Days, from 1888-1893, investors built the fabulous DeKalb hotel, an opera house and a train depot. The DeKalb hotel burned, but the Fort Payne Opera House and Train Depot, within walking distance of Boom Town Makers Market, still stand today greeting scores of visitors each year. In 1893 the Boom ended and investors moved south to Birmingham, but the Boom Days will never be forgotten.

Boom Town Makers Market, gives a nod to our historic past, serving as a retail anchor for downtown redevelopment. We offer classes, trunk shows, events, volunteer opportunities and an internship program. Join us Thursday- Saturday, 9am – 5 pm CST. Directions