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Boom Town Makers Market

Boom Town Makers Market was founded in Fort Payne, Ala., in 2016 to showcase the handcrafted work of talented Southern Makers in a curated environment. It features artists' collections of beautifully crafted jewelry, soaps, textiles, paintings, gourmet food, and more.

Boom Town provides artists and makers a place to congregate and share their work with discerning clientele and people interested in knowing more about local art offerings and techniques. Boom Town Makers Market offers community art lessons, trunk shows, lunch n learns, maker events, volunteer opportunities, and an internship program.

Located in the Sawyer Building in the Fort Payne Boom Town Historic District, Boom Town Makers Market is home to over 75 local and regional artists.

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Staffed by local artists, Boom Town Makers Market is open Wednesday - Saturday, 10 am - 5 pm CST.

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Our Featured Artist

Lydia Randolph

Lydia Randolph is a full-time artist living in a remote area of north Alabama. She is inspired by Gauguin’s violent use of color, Mary Cassatt’s delicate and precise renderings, and Eakins' honesty. "I paint things from my life, relics and ruins of our dwindling agrarian society, trucks and equipment left to grow into the weeds and trees," she says. Things that are loved enough not to be discarded but no longer needed, left to be reabsorbed by the very earth that they once tended. She sees both a tragic and stunning poetry in our mountains, creeks and canyons. Read more >>

Lydia Randolph


"Awesome place to find local art. Every time I go in, there is something new. I'm not surprised at all that it won Mainstreet's Award for Excellence! " ~ Michael Hays

"BTMM is a one-of-a-kind market in Fort Payne showcasing extremely talented makers and artists in the area. Love it!!! " ~ Sharon Bender Barnes

"Love this store! We have truly gifted people in our area." ~ Tammy Lawson