• Michelle Anderson

    Michele Anderson

    Michele W. Anderson is an accomplished artist and a leader in the field of portraiture. Her love for people and her commitment to a high standard of art has led to hundreds of commissions across the United States. Michele attended…

  • Melinda Whitt

    Melinda Whitt

    Melinda Whitt is a local jewelry artist born and raised in Birmingham. Her work includes designs constructed from torchworked glass, fused glass, enamels, copper, and brass. She is the daughter of an engineer and a high school art teacher/watercolor artist,…

  • Linda Espy

    Linda Espy

    Linda Espy is a prolific multi media artists who loves to create. “I consider myself an eclectic artist, says Espy. Most of my work is in polymer clay, but I love to experiment with other media.” She is know at…

  • Lydia Randolph

    Lydia Adele Randolph

    I am a full-time artist living in a remote area of north Alabama. I am inspired by Gauguin’s violent use of color, Mary Cassatt’s delicate and precise renderings, and Eakins’ honesty. I paint things from my life, relics and ruins…