Jessica Haigh - Maker

Jessica Haigh

Jessica Haigh is the artist behind AnimalHouse Pottery and Crafts. Together with her wife, Jessica Williams, they create many items, including printing pictures on wood, painted wood home décor, glass crafts, canvas, and of course, pottery. The Animal House Studio is located in Sylvania, Ala., and the artist’s work at Boom Town Makers Market.

Jessica Haigh has been practicing art since a very young age. She has taken classes in pencil, pastels, and oils from locally known artists. While attending Northeast Community College, Jessica studied fine art and later came to work for a local business in Mentone, Ala., where she fell in love with pottery. Since then, she has become a predominately self-taught ceramic artist.

AnimalHouse Pottery and Crafts has attended multiple fundraising events and art festivals in Dekalb County and Atlanta, Ga. Avid community volunteers, Jessica and her wife, a teacher at the local Head Start program, created a 3D art exhibit for its “Night at the Museum” fundraiser, featuring ceramic bowls and cups. These were a popular hit at the event.

Jessica Haigh will teach classes in hand building pottery at Boom Town Makers Market beginning in February 2021. AnimalHouse looks forward to growing its partnership with the Boom Town Makers Market and sharing their love of art with others.